Annotated Bibliography On The Community Essay

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Annotated Bibliography
Dotson-Blake, K. (2010). Learning from each other: A portrait of family-school-community partnerships in the United States and Mexico. Professional School Counseling, 14(1), 101-114. Retrieved from The author, Kylie P. Dotson-Blake PH. D, presents data on a study of two rural communities, one in North Carolina, USA and one in Veracruz, MX that compares the experience of Mexican Nationalist families and Mexican immigrant families. This article address the difference between the school – communities’ relationship in the two towns based on data. The data shows that the Mexican communities value the school and work together as a whole and the schools in North Caroline struggle to provide the same open feeling. The article could be helpful to the idea that schools need to work harder to engage communities and their families and we could use other cultures to examine ways to do that. Compared to the other sources listed the idea is very similar as schools are seen to have cultural barriers that prevent the involvement of communities in schools.
Evans, M. P., & Radina, R. (2014). Great expectations? critical discourse analysis of title I school-family compacts. School Community Journal, 24(2), 107-126. Retrieved from The authors, Micheal Evans PH.D and Rachel Radina PH.D…

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