Essay about Annotated Bibliography On The Cold War

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Annotated Bibliography

The Cold War, although no fighting occurred, could be considered one of the scariest wars in history. It was a war mainly between the United States and the Soviet Union. The Two Super Powers continually antagonized each other with political actions involving espionage, arms build up, and economic aid. This war began soon after World War 2 and lasted almost a decade.
"The Cold War." - John F. Kennedy Presidential Library & Museum. N.p., n.d. Web. 21 Nov. 2015.

Summary: Through espionage, propaganda, arms build up, political movements, and economic aid to those effected the Soviet Union and The United States battled for a decade as the united states tried to limit the power that Union had over Eastern Europe. The alliance once held by the Soviet Union and United States quickly began to crumble after the USA began to intervene with the Soviet activity. As the Soviet Unions grip began to tighten on Eastern Europe the US made a policy attempting to prevent to the communist influence from spread to France, Italy, and Greece.
The United States, normally reluctant to intervene with affairs in Europe, in 1947, adopted the Truman Doctrine. This promised aid to countries that were threatened by the communist grip. Then later on that year the Marshall Plan provide billions of dollars to eliminate political instabilities that could allow a communist takeover. In 1948 the Soviet Union cut off all rail traffic to Berlin. The US and Britain responded by…

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