Essay on Annotated Bibliography On Reforming Prison Education

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Tabb Hall
ENG 240
Professor Steven Waszak
Reforming prison education
Growing up in a household where drug use, violence, and abuse were all part of the normal routine John’s childhood was anything but ideal. Living in a place where he had no positive role model John didn’t really know what right looked like. He started running with the wrong crowd committing petty crimes and doing drugs in his early teens. His record looks like most people’s school pictures because of his regular run-ins with the law. Facing charges at the age of 22 that would put him in prison for at least twelve years, John would have plenty of time to think about his life. It was the lowest point of he had ever felt; he knew when he was released he had no future to look forward to.
John was determined to not come out of prison and go back to the same situation that brought him there. He wanted to be a better role model to his kids then he ever had growing up.
John’s story may be made up but the truth is in prison it is a common story. Dianne Clemens, President of Justice of All an advocating organization for victims while outlining the two reasons for prisons understands that rehabilitation is a key factor; one reason for prisons is punishment through the sanctioning of a person’s freedom and the other is to rehabilitate the inmate to be able to function in normal society (, 20015) Raising of the educational level of inmates within the prison systems of the United States attributes to lower…

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