Annotated Bibliography On Computer Computers Essay

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Overview of Computers

Computers are known as machines that work with data and information in the form of numbers.[1] Computers are a key part to society and have evolved into more advanced components over the years. The first known mechanical computer known to man came from a man named Charles Babbage in 1822 even though his computer has no resemblance of what we know as the modern computer. [2] Some people acknowledge tools such as the abacus and calculators as primitive forms of computers, but in this wiki I will be focusing on mechanical computers. Computers in modern times have been used to help people connect to the internet in order to do things such as communicate with others and work from home online. The advancement of technology has helped introduce new marvels into the world of computers and it continues to grow everyday!


1. Timeline of Computers

2. Computers In Society

3. Works Cited

Timeline of Computers

As mentioned in the overview, the first mechanical computer was created in 1822 by a man named Charles Babbage. Since that time computers have been advanced to new heights and have new tasks that they can handle. First, lets start with the next computer that was created after the one created by Charles Babbage. Just to let it be known I will not discuss every single invention, just the ones that were widely renowned. In 1890 a man by the name of Herman Hollerith created what was known as the tabulating machine. He created this…

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