Annotated Bibliography : Biblical Interpretation Essay example

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Annotated Bibliography
Biblical Interpretation. 2015, Vol. 23 Issue 2, p191-206. 16p.
This source claims that in the past utopian societies existed- utopian as a flexible ideal type, rather than a strict definition. It suggest that reading the Hebrew Bible as a utopia reconstructs its historical realities. The author concedes the argument that each reconstruction of reality is only one possible interpretation offered by a member of a non-intended audience and it doesn’t confirm the existence of a utopian society but he strongly grasps to the fact that if the different reconstructions are put together the truth is more likely to be revealed. This source is helpful for our research because it holds a different viewpoint on utopias that the one we have.

Alperovitz, G. and Dubb, S. (2012) Building Real Utopias: The Emerging Project of Evolutionary Reconstruction. Routledge.
In Alperovitz and Dubb’s first paragraph they ask us what kind of government does Europe want? When going on through Alperovitz and Dubb’s essay they mention Erik Wright, they both say that Wright’s book is very informative but it also leaves some questions unanswered. In their essay they talk about how a utopia shouldn’t just be put into society and see how it’s dealt with. But instead it should be a utopia that expands and grows over time just as society does. Alperovitz and Dubb’s close their essay by talking about how overtime different countries have grown but still the United States, which is the…

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