Anni Albers Essay

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Kaylan Gerdes
Everyday Masterpiece
Anni Albers, even from her first memories has always been influenced by vivid and dynamic colors. Her inclinations for arts and creativity at such a young age were values she would hold within herself for the rest of her life. It’s through her use of colors, textures and patterns from everyday objects that she was able to create masterpieces and became a leader in the arts world because of her abilities. She was born Annelise Fleischmann on June 12th, 1899 in Berlin Germany. She later went on to receive her education from the Bauhaus, after which she moved to America where she taught at Black Mountain College with her husband Joseph and then later continued her successful career until her death in 1995.
Albers can from an upper class family that afforded her the opportunities of cultivating an interest in the arts at a young age. She painted and studied under impressionist artist Martin Brandenburg. However, she was discouraged after meeting artist Oskar Kokoschka who, after seeing a portrait she was working on, asked her harshly “Why do you paint?” Despite this discouragement from her instructors she attended the School of Arts and Crafts in
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She practiced making her students understand and react towards the fibers and intensely understand and build something from nothing. Albers took her craft very seriously, writing two books while at Black Mountain, “Anni Albers: On Weaving” and “Anni Albers: On Design” both of which not only delve into that textbook informational aspects of weaving and design but also the construction and artistry of each. Albers constructed a lot of pictorial weavings at Black Mountain, most of which have a restrain and complexity intertwined with grace. While at their time at Black Mountain Anni and Josef also traveled frequently on their small salaries, to Mexico where Anni was heavily influenced by the pre-Columbian

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