The Achievements Of Laura Wheeler Waring

Laura Wheeler Waring was born on May 26, 1887 in Hartford, Connecticut and passed away on February 3, 1948 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From all the readings below it was established that Waring was talented from the beginning of her childhood. Waring was an artist that followed a classic style, and she rarely deviated from it. It was a tough task to locate articles that discussed her and her artwork, but it was done. Reading all of these sources it was established that Waring loved illustrating an abundant amount. By looking at a lot of her works of art, it showed that her main form of painting was portraits. Such as:“Portrait of Jessie Redmon Fauset,” 1945, “Portrait of Marian Anderson,” 1944, and “Portrait of W.E.B. DuBois”, n/d.

James discussed some of the achievements that Laura Wheeler Waring experienced throughout her life. The article begins by discussing the fact that many women are not given the credit they deserve, but Waring is one that deserved to have a light shine upon her. This article also discussed how her parents impacted her career and assisted her to reach for greatness. There was a mention about Waring during her secondary education, and how she was able to succeed in areas other than art. Another similar topic examined was her post-secondary education at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. In this school she was be able have many great artists aid her studies as she mastered her skills. When she studied abroad she mentioned that

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