Anna In The Rez Sisters

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The game of Bingo has long been associated with Native American/Canadian culture. Thus, leading it to be the focal point of Tomson Highway’s play The Rez sisters. Highway’s play follows the story of seven sisters living on the Wasaychigan Hill Indian Reserve, all of whom appear stuck in their own lives, dreaming of a brighter and richer future. When presented with the opportunity to attend the “BIGGEST BINGO IN THE WORLD” in Toronto the women put aside their differences and band together, chasing their individual dreams as a team. Two of the sisters, Annie and Marie-Adele present an especially interesting dynamic. Both sisters want to leave the reserve, but their motives differ exponentially. Annie is in search of the spotlight while Marie-Adele wants to runaway and hide, Annie wants to purchase physical objects with her prize money where Marie-Adele simply wants an escape for her and her family and Annie is driven by selfish …show more content…
By becoming famous and leaving the reserve for Toronto Annie plans to leave behind her sisters, possibly only bringing along Emily Dictionary (Her half sister) for financial support. She has no regard her family, she just wants to better herself and get far away from her “Indian culture”. Marie-Adele has her family set as her main priority. She intends to take them with her to her island keeping both herself and them safe from her death. This speaks of both the sisters set of morals. One would rather fend for herself and the other wants to grow and nurture.
The journey to the bingo game shapes the decisions of both characters. Annie bonds with Emily Dictionary and comes to terms with her alcoholism. Leading her to understand that she doesn’t need to run away to Toronto and become famous to be happy. And Marie-Adele finally faces death and accepts that she must leave behind her family, placing trust in

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