Essay on Animal Experimentation ( Anti Vivisection )

1349 Words Mar 31st, 2015 6 Pages
Although there are several people who are against animal experimentation (anti-vivisection), there is still the other side of people who under look the problem at hand and are okay with it happening. In their minds, they’re thinking that animal testing has been here for many, many years, so why put an end to it now? Others think, “animals cannot have rights because animals don’t respect human rights” (Mur, 31). Although this poll was taken around eighteen years ago and things may have changed since then, it still need to be put on the table. In 1996, 72% of people said that testing on animals is only sometimes wrong. That leaves 29% of people to think that it is completely wrong. How is unethically putting animals under intense pain only sometimes wrong? That’s just like saying abusing children is only sometimes wrong. No, it is always wrong… 100% of the time is is wrong. There is no reason that in today’s day and age there can’t be other alternatives to animal testing so that way we can make this wrong a right. It is truly sad to me that there are people all around the world that resist the idea of giving animals rights. I can hear any argument that it is “right” and I still will never understand. There needs to be a reality check however, because animals do have rights. Although they are unable to speak and share the things that they are going through, they still are entitled to their rights. They are living, breathing creatures. They undergo emotions of sadness,…

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