Essay On Animal Euthanasia

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Animal euthanasia is not a hot topic in Hong Kong but in fact it is an issue that we need to care about. In Hong Kong, pet is known as the “asset” of the owner, so pet euthanasia is legal in law. Although the action is legalized, there are two different voices in the society. Pet lovers believed that the pets have their own feeling and should not deprive their lives and it is not ethical. While some pet owners claimed that it is a method to release the pets’ pain and it can reduce the financial burden.

A number of owners strongly advocate the pet euthanasia because of the financial burden. If the dog is ill and need a huge amount of money for veterinary care, the owner may not have the ability to afford the medical fee. Verdon (2006) mentioned
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In this case, owner should euthanasia them to reduce their pain. The elder dogs or the dogs which suffering from illness may not have medical or surgical methods to help them live longer, to release them from pain, it is better to euthanasia them. Gavzer (2011) mention that euthanasia is the last method for both owner and pet. If there is no other way to continuous the pet dog’s life, comparing to letting them to suffer from the pain, it is better to end up their life by euthanasia. This can at least reduce pet dog’s pain. As a result, in the view of pet, euthanasia is a mean that benefits …show more content…
Euthanasia as I mentioned above, is forced to deprive a pet’s life. Warren (2001) illustrate that it is an action that is terrible because it is force one people to die. Pets used to die from natural death, accidents or illness. In fact, euthanasia is something totally different with what we knew. This is a medical method to end up their life without pain. Although it may be a good way for pet dogs, it still violate the ethical thinking. No one should have the authority or right to take away another one’s lives. Some owner want their dogs to be passed away because of his or her situation or ability. In such case, it is not ethical to do so as the pet dogs may still healthy without any sick and illness. There is no reason for a healthy dog to be killed by the

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