Animal Education, Conservation And Public Awareness Essay

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On February 24, 2010 Dawn Brancheau was tragically killed by a 12,000 pound Orca named Tilikum. Dawn had worked with killer whales at SeaWorld for many years and was familiar with the giant. After performing a show and giving him a kiss, Tilikum pulled Dawn into the water. He shook her violently, killing her in front of a full audience at SeaWorld. Sadly this is not the first person Tilikum has killed, Dawn is the third. However, the real tragedy of this story does not start or end with Dawn, Orca take center stage. SeaWorld is supposed to be a place of animal education, conservation and public awareness. In recent years it has become more of a battle ground. The backlash caused by the film "Blackfish" made in 2013 by Gabriela
Cowperthwaite is nothing short of epic; pinning the evil SeaWorld against the victimized Orca in a battle of profits and survival. When it comes to orca in captivity the issues are not all so black and white. Understanding that many marine amusement parks keep orca all over the world, none are the multi-national mega corporation that SeaWorld is. With a handful of franchises and parks all over the world SeaWorld should be the number one name in marine animals. However in light of recent events one has to question the validity of keeping Orcas captive. While the death of trainer Dawn Brancheau has taken the spotlight it is important to realize other threats the killer whale faces. As SeaWorld scrambles to make changes, save sponsorships, and resurrect a…

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