Anger Management Essay

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Anger management
Anger management is a cognitive behavioural technique based on a model by Ray Novaco in which he describes anger as a strong emotion with physiological, behavioural and cognitive elements.
Anger management teaches relaxation techniques to deal with the physiological response to anger. For example, increased heart rate, cognitive restructuring to retrain through patterns and time out or assertive training to deal with the behavioural element of anger
There are 3 steps in anger management. Firstly the Cognitive preparation is presented which is where offenders identify situations that provoke anger so they can recognise when an aggressive outburst is likely to occur. Thought patterns are challenged, for example, if they
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However, Many studies do not look further to predict recidivism rates, which makes it hard to determine whether the programme was useful or not.
According to Loza and Loza-Fanous, anger treatment programmes are ineffective with violent offenders, since it may not be the cause of their criminality. They investigated the link between anger and violent crime and found no difference between the violent and non-violent offenders or rapist or non-rapists on anger management.
Yet, Studies like Towl and Dexter, show the success of anger management programmes on self-report data, as they found that 50 prisoners reported a drop in the feeling of anger and when considered the data in-depth0 and 6 of the offenders have experienced an extreme drop in their anger which was a significant result. By considering self-reported data the validity is high as they come from the prisoners themselves.
Law, carried out a similar study to the one of Towl and Dexter, looking at 4 anger management programmes and found that the prisoners were trying to control their anger to a greater extent after the end of the programme. This represents the effectiveness of the anger management programme as prisoners focus on learning about the angry episodes and give people the tools to control their anger in the future, to therefore, have long-term benefits.
Nonetheless, there may be criticisms about the success of the programme when using

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