Essay about Anger And Conflict Will Affect The Children

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In a relationship, it is inevitable that anger and conflict will arise, but what are the causes and consequences of anger in a marital relationship? It is significant to recognize that anger will affect the emotional wellbeing of each partner in unique ways depending on the individual. Another major aspect to consider within anger in a marriage is how it is affecting the children. Lastly, is it at all possible that any positives could come from showing anger in a marriage?
Definition of anger Before we talk about the consequences of anger, what even is it? In the simplest term, it is a reaction to any frustrations we have, but it is not just an emotion. There are also physical aspects to it. When someone is angry his or her heartbeat, blood pressure, and respiratory rates increase. Anger is not just something we feel emotionally, it is something that can affect us physically. Anger is something that changes constantly. In different countries and throughout the centuries people have shown anger in diverse ways depending on culture and customs of the time (Arbetter, 1990).
EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING When two people in a relationship are angry at one another it is proven that their sexual desires towards one another will decrease (Belanger et al., 2001). When women are angry it has a greater affect on their sexual desires than it does men (Belanger et al., 2001). In result, when partners are not engaging in physical and intimate contact, more marital conflicts will arise. In a…

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