Essay about Androgyny And Male And Female

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Androgyny is defined “in its most basic form, as the male and female in one body or entity” (Thurman, 58). Shaker theology is grounded on the fact that the spirit encompasses both, male and female, aspects, which in turn places male and female believers on equal playing fields. Both sexes have equal access to the gospel and equal opportunities to spread the word. Shakers also believe that the most defining difference between the sexes is reproduction. By removing this expectation of women, men and women can then be viewed as equals. The practice of celibacy has deep roots in the Christian tradition, but not necessarily as a means to provide equality for women and men (Foster, 21). By drawing upon literature from other traditions, the Shakers were able to appeal to its followers with these ideas in a way that fits the central beliefs of the Shaker community. Through doctrine that emphasizes the androgynous nature of the Lord, the Shakers were able to reconstruct the gender dynamics within their community, which allowed women to take on a role in the group that is uncommon in other faith traditions, such as traditional Christianity. The Shaker community has a different interpretation of the book of Genesis that allows them to analyze the androgynous aspect of the Spirit. The literature of the Shakers primarily consists of letters written by the leaders which drew upon other books, such as the Bible. According to a verse cited in Shaker literature from Genesis, “God said,…

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