Andrew Jackson 's Rise Of The Common Man Essay

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Megan Lui
Mr. Millers
Period 5 Gate World History
August 31, 2015
Andrew Jackson, Rise of the Common Man
Elizabeth Jackson gave birth to Andrew Jackson on March 15, 1767, several days after his father’s death. Born in poverty, Jackson lived with his mother and three brothers in the Waxhaw region on the border of North and South Carolina. He was the brightest of three sons and Elizabeth wanted him to be a Presbyterian minister. However, young Jackson quickly dashed off into his own childhood antics. He was known to be quite the prankster and was always getting himself into trouble with his stubborn attitude. However, the battles of the Revolutionary War that raged throughout the Carolinas had a traumatic impact on Jackson’s early life. At a young age, Jackson and his brothers volunteered to fight in the war. At fourteen, he lost his entire family to the war. At age seventeen, Jackson decided to become a lawyer, traveling to Salisbury, North Carolina. For three years, he studied law as an apprentice under Spruce Macay. As soon as he got his license, Jackson went to practice law in Nashville and the city of Jonesborough, traveling to several frontier forts. At one of these forts, he met his future wife, Rachel Donelson. Before his presidency, Jackson served as attorney General, a major military general, and later the first governor of Florida. During the War of 1812, Jackson declared victory over the Fort Mims Massacre and the Battle of New Orleans. He was decorated as a…

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