Andrew Jackson : A Man Of Courage Essay

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Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson was a man of determination and courage who accomplished many fascinating things during his time in office. Throughout his lifetime, Jackson applied several different political aspects which some individuals supported and others did not. However, he was known to be a war hero, a candidate, and a Great White Father. Andrew Jackson grew up without a father figure in his life. His father passed away while his mother was pregnant with Andrew, leaving Andrew, his mother, and two older brothers behind. The adverse dilemma of not having a father figure around most likely could have caused Jackson to grow up a faster than most children, thinking that he had to be the “man” of the household. Growing up, Jackson constantly viewed acts of violence. He grew up with violence, especially because he carried messages through the woods during the Revolutionary War. Jackson was raised in the Carolinas. During this time, it was exceedingly dangerous and violent due to the Revolutionary War taking place. Jackson lost one of his brothers due to a heat stroke while fighting in the war, as well as his mother and other brother to disease. Afterwards, Jackson despised the British because he felt like it was their fault for leaving him alone in the world as an orphan. In fact, during the 1700s or the eighteenth century, urbanization, immigration, and industrialization increased the number of orphans during this time. Life for these unfortunate individuals…

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