Andrew Carnegie 's American Dream Essay

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Andrew Carnegie’s American Dream For Andrew Carnegie, the name of the game was profit by any means necessary. Some may consider him an innovative businessman, yet others could call him a ruthless capitalist that would do anything to make a profit. No matter where Carnegie worked he was excellent at running a successful business. A prolific idea engrained in the minds of Americans since the turn of the century is the American Dream (Livesay 1). This vague concept is exemplified by Carnegie’s capitalistic views of a newly industrialized nation. The potential for one man to rise from a poor immigrant to a commanding man in the country resonates with many Americans (Livesay 2). Similar to many Americans before him, Andrew Carnegie wasn’t born in the United States. He was born in Dunfermline, Scotland in 1835 while Great Britain was in the midst of the industrial revolution. While many of the urban areas of Great Britain enjoyed increased industrial success, the agrarian society suffered. This rapid evolution of technology left many people in poverty, including the Carnegies. As a last resort, they moved to Allegheny, Pennsylvania in 1848 when Carnegie was only thirteen years old. He promptly found a job as a bobbin boy that paid “$1.20 a week” (Livesay 16). Carnegie said no other amount of money gave him “so much happiness as [his] first week’s earnings” (Livesay 16). Carnegie was familiar with poverty and made sure to never take his opportunities for granted. The Carnegie…

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