Human Behaviour In Twelfth Night

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Shakespeare addresses the positive and negative qualities of humanity through his play Twelfth Night. Although, the audience can see the characters mocking negative human behaviour by showing the fickle nature of love, characters choosing immoral decisions, and the corrupt behavior that is present in this play. Shakespeare 's Twelfth Night utilizes characters, such as Olivia, Maria, and Sir Toby to show the negativity of human behaviour. Olivia demonstrates the fickle nature of love through her unrealistic act of falling in love within minutes. Sir Toby displays a negative human quality of his immoral behaviour and decision making by carelessly using others for his own needs. Maria shows the depraved acts in Twelfth Night when she manipulates …show more content…
Sir Toby, a knight as well as Olivia’s uncle, does not care for anyone even though he must serve and protect his people. So all Sir Toby does is cheat others to gain something he wants such as alcohol. So like Sir Toby, Sir Andrew is a knight that tends to stick with Sir Toby because he believes that Sir Toby can get Olivia to fall in love with him. But what he does not know is that Sir Toby tells these lies in order to keep Sir Andrew around to get him to pay for his excessive drinking: Sir Toby says, “Send for money, knight. If thou hast her not i’ the/ end, call me cut.” and Sir Andrew replies, “If I do not never trust me, take how you will.”(2.3.186-189) Sir Toby and Sir Andrew speak to each other, Sir Toby says to get some money and he knows that Sir Andrew will get Olivia at the end of this. Sir Andrew then says thats it is true and that will be the last thing he does. But the audience knows that Sir Toby is manipulating Sir Andrew to give him money to keep his habit of drinking and getting Olivia to fall in love with Sir Andrew is a lie to keep him paying. An act of immoral behaviour from Sebastian is when he agrees to marriage with Olivia when she demands it, Sebastian not knowing who she is and why the reason. Sebastian knows that there is wrong to his choice but accepts that he will marry Olivia: Sebastian …show more content…
Maria is an example of someone who could manipulate others when she had ruined Malvolio 's life by fooling him into thinking Olivia loves him. Maria tells Malvolio through a love letter that Malvolio must wear cross-gartered stockings and prance around Olivia. But Malvolio just looks insane distinction finds amusement off of Malvolio 's pain: Maria says to Sir Toby, "He shall find most feeling impersonated/ I can write very like my lady, your niece/ on a forgotten matter we can hardly/ make distinction of our hands," (2.3.67). This quote shows that Maria means that Malvolio is going to act upon the example written by Maria but he will believe that it was Olivia. As Malvolio has lost his job and trust from his people Maria tries to go further on her joke to prank Malvolio. Another example of the corrupt behaviour of humanity is when people watch others getting hurt, this act is demonstrated by characters such as Sir Andrew and Fabian. These characters do not directly harm Malvolio but harm him by watching, they keep a distance from Malvolio as they witness what is being done when he is accused for being insane: Sir Toby asks for Fabian to come along with him and Maria to watch Malvolio prance around Olivia and Fabian replies, “Nay, I’ll come. If I lose a scruple of this sport, let me/ be boiled to

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