Essay about Ancient Nubia 's Earliest Kingdoms

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Ancient Nubia

By :anquinet Pittman

Nubia was home to many Africa’s earliest kingdoms . The Nubians who inherited traits from Egypt is a civilization with palaces ,temples , and pyramids almost 7000 B.C.E. Most of the Nubian countries were discovered along the Nile river In Sudan . the Nubian culture thrived for 7000 B.CE. to about 1400 B.C.E afterwards being conquered by Muslims .

One of the most famous ancient civilization known to man was the pharaonic Egypt . although it was the most known civilization , does not mean that it was the only successful civilization. Nubian also known as the kingdom of Kush abundance of gold and precious metals . Nubia was the gateway to luxury products such as ivory and even licenses. The abundance of these precious blessing caused a very uneasy relationship between Egyptians . With the new rivalry lead Nubia to become a great legacy of its own .
Located northeastern Africa; Nubia language appeared in the nineteenth. century (linguistic aspect of greater Nubians history ). The Kingdom of Kush converted to Christianity in the late eighteen century and replacing Merotic as the primary language . Researchers has recently unfolded documentations proven the spoken language of Old Dongola Greek. With the establishment of the new language in effect , gave rise to a new tradition . The new tradition consisted of divine names , spirit , heaven, holly , and found in the nomina sacra(the basic language of…

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