Ancient Greco Roman Impact On My Life Essay

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Ancient Greco-Roman Impact On My Life

The Greeks and the Romans have had a big influence on many civilizations throughout the ages because of their great empires, unique inventions, and types of battle strategies. Over 2000 years later and we’re still inspired by many things they have made and some we still use today in our current lifetime. Throughout the ages their discoveries have changed the tide of war, the livelihood in cities, and even forms of transportation and we still use some today. Their inventions were on a large scale not just affecting cities and how wars were fought but also helping with manual labor for miners and lumberjacks and useful tools for technicians and even astronomers.
A big invention that the Romans made were roads or highways, they were incredibly useful for keeping track of which direction you were going and giving you a better understanding of where you were. In some cases they even helped people get to locations faster than they would typically get there saving them more time. We still use roads today as sidewalks for walking, roads for cars inside of cities, and highways for long distance travels by car. People are still using the roads that Romans made thousands of years ago as sidewalks and means of transportation. They’re great for giving you information on how long you have until you reach your destination using signs that would normally be put up at an equal distance apart from one another. Roads are still a big thing in today’s…

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