Ancient Egypt And The Roman Empire Essay

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“Civilization never stands still; if in one country it is falling back, in another it is changing, evolving, [and] becoming more complicated” – Arthur Keith. This is the case of Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire, two magnificent civilizations wrapped in a twisted fate. It was when the Roman Republic defeated Egypt’s army that it became a prosperous empire. Even though Ancient Egypt existed thousands of years before the start of the Roman Empire, both civilizations strikingly shared common social aspects in society. In addition to similarities, major differences were also seen in daily life. Both Ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire had social classes based on wealth, property, heredity, and freedom. Slaves in both civilizations were looked down upon, due to their low status. Yet, the Roman Empire and Ancient Egypt differed in their cities, where one had an organized approach, while the other had a random assortment near the Nile River.
Roman and Egyptian social order was mainly organized in a pyramid based on certain factors such as wealth and occupation. Importance was ranked in increasing order; slaves and other less respected groups of people were found on the bottom. Like many civilizations under a single authority, Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire had sole rulers, who were highly respected in society. Naturally, with their abundance of wealth and property, they were ranked first in terms of hierarchical structure. Emperors of Rome lived a luxurious life – “[staying] at…

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