Ancient Creation Myths Essay

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Creation Myths of the Ancient Greeks, Mesopotamians, and Chinese

Zach Lenart

Ancient Mythology East and West
Professor Shawn Youngblood
October 2, 2012

Creation myths of are often examined, but more often than not they are looked at individually. Much more can be learned if different myths are analyzed at the same time, recognizing similarities and differences as well as overlapping themes in these myths. We can learn about many aspects of a culture from their creation myths. The portrayal of women in the myth can teach whether the society is patriarchal or matriarchal. The descriptive vocabulary, and the characteristics given to the gods can show us what societies view as god-like qualities. Finally through analyzing
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As it says in the text “P'an Ku lived within them …... becoming more divine than heaven and wiser than earth.” P'an Ku also being so divine is also used to create the world, “His breath became the wind and clouds; his voice became the peals of thunder. His left eye became the sun; his right eye became the moon. ….. All the mites on his body were touched by the wind and were turned into the black-haired people.”. These gods were also given a surprising amount of human, or mortal, qualities as well. Some gods are described as hateful, such as Cronos described directly in Theogony, “Cronos the wily, youngest and most terrible of her children, and he hated his lusty sire.”, as well as lustful. These Lenart-3 characteristics are generally reserved for humans, as observed in Judeo/Christian belief. The simple fact that these gods can be defeated may also be observed as humanistic qualities by some people. These gods are described as immortal, which as defined by is “not mortal; not liable or subject to death; undying”. In The Enuma Elish Apsu is killed by Ea, in Theogony Ouranos is killed by Cronos by dismembering his genitals, and in the P'an Ku myth he eventually dies and his body becomes the world that we now know.
There are many similarities between these myths and some believe that it may be due to all cultures originating from a single area, and therefore having a similar original myth. The Ancient Greek an the

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