Anatomy Of The Foot Essay

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Alex Taylor
Sports Medicine
Anatomy Of The Foot

There are many different parts of the foot, for example one is the forefoot which contains the five toes and the five longer bones known as the metatarsals. The feet are flexible structures of bones, joints, muscles, and soft tissues that let us stand upright and perform activities like walking, running, and jumping. The other parts of the feet are the following. The midfoot which is a pyramid-like collection of bones that form the arches of the feet. These include the three cuneiform bones, the cuboid bone, and the navicular bone. Next is the hindfoot which forms the heel and ankle. The talus bone supports the leg bones (tibia and fibula), forming the ankle. The calcaneus (heel bone) is the
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Athlete's foot also another and that is a fungal infection of the feet, causing dry, flaking, red, and irritated skin. Daily washing and keeping the feet dry can prevent athlete's foot and not wearing other people’s shoes and stuff like that. Rheumatoid arthritis is my last example and that’s An autoimmune form of arthritis that causes inflammation and joint damage. Joints in the feet, ankle, and your toes may be affected by rheumatoid arthritis. Here are some facts about people’s feet in general, the number amount of bones in a human foot is 26 bones, also there are 33 joints in the foot in all and also there are more than 100 muscles and tendons in the foot overall. The foot is used for many things in life, everyday you walk, some run, some don’t, some excersise, some do workouts but the foot is an essential part of life, some don’t have feet because they have lost them so you should be thankful for the fact that your able to walk but the foot contains many muscles that are excersised when running, playing basketball, baseball, football or even tennis, but when you are active you are putting the foot in motion in general therefore putting it to use in

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