Analyzing The Genetic Gap Within Nursing Education Essay

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Analyzing the Genetic Gap in Nursing Education
The World Health Organization states that “the role of genetic research is indispensable in the ever challenging fields of diagnosis and treatment of genetic disorders, infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases” (WHO, Genetic Research, para 1, n.d). While the importance of genetics in disease and illness management is apparent, the translation into nursing practice remains unclear. A study conducted showed that although nurses and midwives perceived a need for genetic knowledge, they felt underprepared for a genetically involved practice. Subsequent studies involving graduates of six allied health professional training programs revealed that an array of health professionals were engaging in tasks related to genetic health care with their clients but “78% of those studied did not believe that they were sufficiently prepared during training to undertake these tasks” (Skirton, Lewis, Kent, & Coviello, 2010, p. 973). This essay will outline, review and analyze the impact and nursing issue of the lack of genetic education in the nursing profession. It will include the significance to nurses and the profession, a historical and ethical analysis, proposed resolutions and possible resistance and barriers for resolutions.
Situating and Articulating the Issue: Genetics and its role in health care
Scientist have assured the “promise that genomic discovery offers for positive clinical and public health outcomes is being heralded…

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