Analysis: The Viking Saga

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Saga described on page 94.
The Viking sagas were stories based on all different events that were important in Viking history. An example is one about Lief Erikson where he travels to modern day Canada. This viking saga describes the discovery and settlement of Canada where the vikings had stayed for a little while. The saga clearly shows the events of the journey to Canada and the way they had found the land. The viking settlement described is considered to be the earliest european to get to the new world and settle. With this saga it helps to prove that the vikings were the earliest to get to North and South America. This is a primary source because it is a story made by the Vikings describing viking events and history. It may not be 100% accurate as it was a story passed on by Vikings to Vikings for a very long time so at some point it might have been changed a bit. But it does somewhat describe the event as it has described real places where Vikings had traveled and settled in the New World and shows changes such as how we do not colonise other continents.
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In the painting it shows live stock and vikings coming onto the land with items like weapons and boxes. In the background of the picture you can see the big viking boat that had the vikings get to the land safely. The painting demonstrates how the vikings might have landed in North America and started to settle the new and strange place. This is a secondary source as it was painted after the event and not during the actual landing because this is an artist's impression so because they were not at the event he might have not much idea or evidence to base his painting off of. However the painting would and does somewhat represent the landing of the vikings in North America and how they would have started to settle the colony and shows what it might of looked like with all the vikings and animals coming on

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