Analysis: The Hunger Games: Narcissistic Disorders

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Elliot Rodgers was born on June 24, 1991 from two loving, young and successful parents involved in the film industry. Li-Chin Rodger who was a Malaysian research assistant for a film company and Peter Rodger, a British filmmaker and photographer. Peter is known for his part as assistant director for the film: The Hunger Games. Elliot was born in London, England and raised there till he was 5 years of age. Shortly after celebrating Elliot’s 5th birthday was when his sister, Georgia Rodgers was born. This was when his parents decided to move to the United States because Peter believed they would have more success in the film industry. Thus, the Rodger’s family made their way to Los Angeles, California. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for …show more content…
This is where an individual’s way of thinking and feeling and interacting with the world is dominated by their narcissism. He can’t cope with being rejected, he blames the other people around him because he can’t possibly be at fault. So, when you take the narcissism, you take the blaming other people, style of coping and someone who feels they have fallen short of where they should be in life. Those tend to be three of the strongest factors we find in spree killers”. With that being said, it is important to understand that Elliot’s nature was to be this way and if the killing spree wasn’t for girls and the wrongdoings of humanity, he would have found something else to blame it on. Perhaps, had his mother kept him close, he would have taken out his family instead of strangers. He shares in his manifesto that he planned on killing he half-brother, Jazz, from his Fathers second marriage simply because he was expected to have better luck with women as he grew older and he could not allow this. I would not put it past him to take everyone out if he was put in that situation or, perhaps he would just have brought the killing spree closer to where his parents lived if he was forced to stick

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