Analysis: The Fear Of The Devil

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Here sits a woman. A woman you are all familiar with. A woman who has, beyond a doubt, lived a Godly life. A woman familiar with the daily struggles of raising a family. Familiar with the strains of living on a farm. Struggles that; in many ways, unites Salem. Yet here this woman sits before her town, awaiting the decision on her life.

This decision not only affects this woman however. No, this affects many more. Her own children, who have already seen the life fade out of their father’s eyes as the rope tightens against his neck. They have seen the figure of their mother fading away as she sits in a dark prison. They have already lost the fatherly figure of strength and hard work. Must they lose the figure of love and kindness as well?
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Or would it call the Devil to cast his presence in this town?

They will grow up in a world where fear caused the life of their parents to be taken from this world. Fear of what? Fear of the Devil. Where is the armor of God that we are armed with? It has been thrown away, and the town of Salem has the audacity to proclaim itself a Christian town. Are we really so cowardly as to throw away sense and mercy out of fear? Granted, at first thought, the fear of Satan seems a reasonable fear. Until one reflects on the events and people that caused this fear. A group of girls, caught dancing in the forest at night. Dancing in the forest at night. Not only were they acting against the rules of society, but against the rule of God. Which begs us to question the not only the morals but the motivations of these girls as well. Would they not want to blame others? Cast the anger away from themselves? Not only that, but the main accuser and leader of these girls was found to be guilty of lechery. The wife of the man in which she was involved with is now sitting before you, accused by Abigail herself. It makes sense does it not? Elizabeth is in the way of Abigail 's immoral fantasy with
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Whether he was here in the beginning is not for me to say. But let me ask this, which is more pleasing to the Devil - mercy filling our hearts and the lives of those accused saved, and their hearts brought back to God, or the senseless hanging of those who may have indeed loved God, and were simply caught in the wrong place at the wrong time? I beg you, please the Devil no more, and turn your hearts up to God. She has done no wrong. There is no proof. Elizabeth has no feeling of guilt, she knows she is innocent. It should be clear to you as well. Do not hang this woman, but let her live. Shine God’s love on Satan so brightly that he flees far from our homes. Show the Devil he is welcome no

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