Analysis: Style Guide For Futurism And Purism

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Robert E. Kelsey Jr.
Doc. Gregory Caicco
ART1030 P01
Style Guide for Futurism and Purism.
In a contemporaneous era of the early 1900’s with modernistic art movements, “Futurism” redefined a well social-political agenda. This inauguration was named by the “charismatic Italian poet as well playwriter Filippo Tommaso Marinetti” (1876-1944). 1909 was the creation “Futurism” movement, but soon encompassed the visual arts and cinemas, music and architecture.
“Futurists” were exponents of war to remove the stagnated past with aflame in the destruction of museums and similar repositories were accumulative culture “mausoleums”. The “futurist” called for radical innovations with-in the arts, where they were interested in the “Futurists”
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(Kleiner 392) “”
“Bella” achieved the effectiveness of motion by repeating shapes as in the legs of the dog and tail as well the leash swingline. This gives the illusion of a dog walking on a leash by its owner. The brush strokes are from using a flat type brush with solid lines for the feet and tail simulating movement.
 Title; Dynamism of a Dog on a Leash
 Artist: Giacoma Balla
 Date the piece was created;
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20th century Expressionism by “Vincent van Gogh (1889) Poplars at Saint-Remy
While Examining the influences leading to “Expressionism” of the 20th century, that’s why we are looking at an oil on canvas painting by “Vincent van Gogh” his work of 20 years was the first seeds to “expressionism” took root. His inspiration came from “Impressionists with their desire to paint only from nature with capturing fleeting moments of color and light.
His results from his work was considered being “self-expressive” the uniqueness of seeing images are an attempt to capture what the world he was seeing through his eyes, but rather internal emotion type state of mind. The brush work and the use of color is what he was feeling that intensified.

Title; Feelings by Dimensions
Artist; Robert E Kelsey Jr
Date the piece was created; November 2017
Art movement and/or style: Dimensional shapes and lines
Media; Photoshop

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