Analysis Paper: New Girl Television Series

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Jessica McCann
Central Ohio Technical College
Composition II

“Nick! I am tired of being the only girl in this apartment AND not to mention, I am the only single one!” (New Girl). From this quote, you can clearly see that Jess Day, in the new Fox television show, New Girl, is the only girl living with 3 other men in a loft in downtown New York. Gender roles in a television show can add humor, obvious contrast between characters, and depth. In the episode, Valentine’s Day, Jess struggles finding affection after being alone on Valentine’s Day for the first time in six years. Being the only girl in the apartment is difficult for her, especially when she is constantly being told that she is the girl and she needs to let
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It’s like a copy of a copy.” (New Girl) Schmidt tries to give Jess advice when they are in a club trying to pick someone for her to talk to. Every man that Jess finds isn’t good enough for her roommates. They are trying to tell her which men to pursue, which shows gender contrast and humor as well. The men that they pick out are not acceptable in Jess’s eyes and the men that Jess finds aren’t acceptable in their eyes. One of the other room mates, named Nick, says to Jess when she picks out a guy: “If you end up having sex with him it’s going to be missionary with a lot of eye contact. I know what I’m talking about: I have my 10,000 hours.” (New Girl) Trying to not stir up an animosity, Jess accepts her roommate’s advice and moves on to the next man. This shows that Jess is willing to listen to the men and their advice, especially when it comes to one-night stands. Because most men are notorious for having them, and it’s considered “cool” for them to have one-night stands, Jess doesn’t hesitate much to listen to them. This episode is a perfect example of Jess and the guys having a huge contrasting element of gender roles and the sexual activity that follows it. Always asking her roommates for advice that is not always helpful, and trying to gain acceptance is a lot of work and is an on-going theme in this show.

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