Analysis Of Zimmer In Grade School Essay

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Childhood Memories
Childhood can be described as the most enjoyable time of our lives; it starts from birth and ends in our adolescence. The memories that we gather from our childhood remains with us for our lifetime. These memories can vary from being very pleasant and full of laughter and joy, to being distressing and full of tears and fear. It is quiet ironic that it is easier for us to recall the unpleasant childhood memories than it is to remember the happy times. In the poem, “Zimmer in Grade School”, Paul Zimmer illustrates a boy’s failure in grade school that has left him with self-doubt and lack of confidence. The boy mentioned in the poem is none other than Paul Zimmer himself. In this poem, Zimmer recalls his childhood and remembers
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The fear of going to school, and facing my classmates gave me anxiety and panic attacks. In order to skip school, I would end up making phony excuses, such as pretending to have stomach aches or headaches. It got to the point where I stopped paying attention in my classes, and as a result, my grades dropped tremendously. I remember every time I got picked on in class to read, I would get anxious and stutter; this resulted in my entire class laughing at me. Even today I suffer from glossophobia, also known as speech anxiety. At the end of my grade school year, I ended up failing my classes, therefore I was unable to advance to fifth grade. This resulted in my confidence level dropping even further. It was not just me who was disappointed, but also my parents who 's hopes in me were …show more content…
I can strongly relate to this quote, since in my fifth grade, I too wrote a terrible English paper for my English class. English was a difficult subject for me and it did not help that my English teacher, Mrs. Kaur, was the meanest teacher in the entire school. Mrs. Kaur did not believe in sympathizing with any student; she was stern, strict and very rude. I can still recall picking up my pencil with trembling hands from the fear of chastisement. I turned in that paper exactly five minutes before lunch break, and then found an excuse to run to the bathroom. I waited patiently in the bathroom for the school bell to ring for lunch break. When the bell finally rang, I stepped back into my English class and I was relieved to find no sign of Mrs. Kaur. That relief was short-lived, because on my desk there was a note left for me by Mrs. Kaur asking me to see her. The entire class knew I was in trouble and mocked me, intensifying my fear of facing Mrs. Kaur. When I went to see Mrs. Kaur, she was surrounded by several other teachers; therefore I found this to be the perfect opportunity to talk to her. As I approached Mrs. Kaur and finally stood in front of her, I was met with a hard slap on my face. The entire office echoed with the sound of her hand against my cheek. She humiliated me in front of other teachers and threw the English paper in my face. At a distant, I

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