Essay about Analysis Of ' Your Own Story ' By Aaron Hoover

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I believe the 2014 Cicero Speech Writing Award winning speech “Write Your Own Story” written by Aaron Hoover (spoken by Bernie Machen) exemplifies eloquence. This speech is an example of an eloquently written speech as well as and an eloquently delivered speech. Not only was this speech well researched, well written, and well spoken, it was also an appropriate reaction to the rhetorical situation by addressing the audience, situation, exigence, and constraints. By addressing the rhetorical situation the writer establishes credibility and likability for the speaker. This essay will discuss what made this speech eloquent by exploring the background and overview of the speech including information about the speaker, the setting, and the rhetorical situation. Then we will see how this speech was eloquently written by looking at the type of eloquence used, the speaker’s goals and strategies, how the speaker appealed to the audience, and what made this an award winning speech. Finally we will discuss how this speech could have been improved by looking at way the writer could have better responded to the rhetorical situation, audience, and setting.
To understand why this speech is eloquent we must first look at the background and overview. The speaker, Bernie Machen, the president of University of Florida. Machen is speaking to a group of incoming freshman without their parents present (this becomes a key part of the audience analysis.) To establish the speaker’s credibility the…

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