Essay Analysis of Work, Energy and Power Experiment

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Analysis of Data In the first part of the experiment, we use a fan cart and first thing we do it to get the force of the fan cart by tying a string in the fan cart and hang a mass until the system is not moving that means that it is in equilibrium state. The tension in the string is equal so that the hanging mass multiplied by the gravitational pull of the earth which is 9.8 ms2 is equal to the force exerted by the fan cart. Then we remove the string and turn on the fan cart and then let it move and record the time when it passes the certain distance in the track. We can say that the time that’s being recorded for the four trials is directly proportional to the distance or displacement that being covered by the cart, as the displacement …show more content…
There are hundredths discrepancies on the result maybe because of our measurement in the height but we can say that it is also close to each other.
In this experiment I learn that the greater the displacement the greater the work done with a constant force acting on the system. And also I learn that the work done is equal to the gravitational potential energy. Work, power and energy vary directly to the displacement or change in height. There is no work done, power and energy when there is no displacement occurs in the system. Energy is just changing from one form to another and it is neither be destroyed nor created. It is the ability of an object to do work and the rate of work with respect to time is called power. And work is just the product of the force and the displacement. The can be positive, negative and even zero depending on the angles between the force acting on it and the displacement done by the object. The gravitational potential energy is the energy stored within an object due to its height above the surface of the earth. To lift a certain object upward, the work must be done against the downward pull of the earth. And it also varies directly to the weight of an object that being lifted, the heavier the object is the higher work or energy is needed to lift it upward. One of the best examples of work, energy and power is when you

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