Analysis Of William Shakespeare 's Hamlet Essay

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In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, The characters demonstrate a prominent need for justice throughout the course of the play. Three particular characters in the play are driven by their anger and resentment to commit themselves to imprudent actions. Laertes, the son of a highly-regarded royal counselor seeks revenge on the grounds of hearing of his deceased father and sister. Fortinbras is a strong contrast to Hamlet in regards to their families’ situations; he seeks justice on the entirety of Denmark for loss of land and deceased father. Hamlet, the main character in the play, sought to avenge his father, and he also showed a resentment towards particular family members. These characters demonstrate their motives for vengeance in their own unique ways. Therefore, the characters in this play demonstrate the theme of revenge. To begin, the character of Laertes strongly demonstrates his thoughts and revenge after discovering his families’ recent tragedies. Laertes is upset about hearing of his father’s death and discusses with the King about killing Hamlet to revenge his father. While Laertes discusses with him, the King brings up the topic of boundaries, “No place should murder santuarize; // Revenge should have no bounds” (IV. vii. 144-146). Laertes and the King discuss the endless boundaries of revenge and that it should be acceptable even for someone with religious beliefs. Laertes seeks revenge against Hamlet for the death of his father. Soon after carrying out…

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