Analysis Of William Shakespeare 's ' Hamlet ' Essay

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In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Horatio is a devoted and persistent comrade. After Hamlet’s death, it would be wise for Fortinbras to take Horatio in as his adviser. In contrast to Hamlet’s lack of consistency and unpredictable nature, Horatio is trustworthy, level-headed, and loyal. In the play, Hamlet, there is no character more trustworthy than Horatio. He proved to Hamlet on multiple occasions that his trust was well deserved. From early on, the reader is able to see that Horatio would do almost anything for his friend, Hamlet; including keeping his secrets. At the beginning of the play, Horatio and another character, Marcellous are with Hamlet when he confronts his father’s ghost. When Horatio first asks about what happened between Hamlet and the ghost, it seems Hamlet is reluctant to tell because he “No. You’ll reveal it.” This is not because he did not trust his dear friend Horatio, but because he was not sure if he could trust Marcellous. He did however, prove he trusted them when he asked them to keep what they had seen and heard between just them. “How say you, then? Would heart of man once think it But you’ll be secret?... Don’t ever tell anyone what you’ve seen tonight.?” Horatio proves his trustworthiness at the end of the play as Hamlet is dying. Horatio’s first reaction was to commit suicide and join his friend. As Hamlet lay dying on the ground, he asked Horatio to do two things for him. The first was to live and to tell the world of what had conspired in Denmark.…

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