Analysis Of Why We Crave Horror Movies

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Donovan Pierce

While not being the most avid Stephen King fan i can admire his work and how strange but at the same time creative it is. To be completely honest i've never been a big fan of horror movies at all but i've always been intrigued by King's work.Stephen King uses comedy and other ironic tactics to emphasize his point in the essay “Why We Crave Horror Movies”. King starts the essay out explaining the fans fascination over completely outlandish horror movies and books. He then jumps to saying “When we pay our four or five bucks and seat ourselves at tenth-row center in a theater showing a horror movie, we are daring the nightmare.” This is his way of saying that watching horror movies for humans is another way of getting to know ourselves.He illustrates this point most effectively with the gruesome metaphor, which seems to become central to his argument of the thesis: The horror film has become the modern version of the public lynching. The potential lyncher is in all of us (excluding saints, past and present; but then, most saints have been crazy in their own ways), and every now and then, he has to be let loose to scream and roll around in the grass. In other words, according to King, the viewers of horror movies are delighting in the pain and agony depicted in the characters with buttered popcorn, no less in much the same way that the French proletariat watched the beheadings of the aristocracy during the French Revolution. This disturbing allegory is

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