Essay about Analysis Of ' What Would Google Do? ``

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“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings,” said Lao Tzu, a famous philosopher and poet in China history. Through the conception of Tzu, early stages always contain many struggles, but if people go through it, they will see the glory at the end. Tzu’s perception is familiar Jarvis’s concept, “small is the new big,” in his book “What Would Google do?” Google used to be an idea, then moved on to a small company and finally become a giant technology industry. Not only Google started small, but all the biggest companies in the world like Wal-Mart, Apple, and Toyota had met lots of problems at the beginning. Because first stage is always challenging, starting small will reduce the risk, and ready for the next step. Business is a good practice for Jarvis’s concept because when someone opens a company, she needs to test the market by taking small steps before investing all her money. “Small is the new big” concept is also a helpful lesson in daily life because of success in life, people need to have a plan with multiple steps, and they have to follow it with a great effort. The concept “small is the new big” of Jeff Jarvis is a great formula to apply for business and daily life.
The meaning of the concept “small is new big” is a steady and tough start will lead to a glorious ending, in another word; everyone or every company can be big if they know how to make small steps. This is like building a house, if someone wants a sturdy house to protect their family from a…

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