Essay about Analysis Of ' Ways Of Seeing By John Berger

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In the essay titled “Ways of Seeing,” by John Berger, it is apparent that the author speaks to a higher class of academics that there is a subjective way people of today’s culture view things, including art. He contends that the socially accepted normality’s skew the perspective of the current generation and it is believed that there should be multiple ways of thinking instead of one. Though subtle at first glance, Mr. Berger uses the three key rhetorical strategies; logos, ethos, and pathos to develop a persuasive argument towards changing subjective observations. By tying in logical reason to support his claim, showing trustworthiness, and giving emotional persuasion, the Author uses all three rhetorical strategies to try and change certain subjective thinking. The rhetorical strategy, logos, is an appeal to logical reason to give the reader evidence of the claim. When the author writes, “The bogus religiosity which now surrounds original works of art, and which is ultimately dependent upon their market value, has become the substitute for what paintings lost when the camera made them reproducible” (Berger 131-132). The author is explaining to the reader that with the invention of the camera, the worth of art has diminished in view of the point of view is no longer versatile. It is reasoned that certain ways of looking at things are the only way, which limits the potential of art. While a camera can take countless photos, a painting can be the only one of its kind and…

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