Analysis Of Walter Rodney 's ' Europe Underdeveloped Africa '

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In Walter Rodney’s How Europe Underdeveloped Africa he argues that European imperialism and earlier colonialism from earlier centuries did little to nothing with improving the lives of the African people. European imperialism was meant to boost the economies and power of European nations; however, colonialism “blunted, halted, and turned back” the development of Africa. Also with the interruption of the development and culture of the African people, there was no compensation given as the Europeans messed with the African culture. It has been claimed that imperialism in Africa improved the lives of the African people as it brought about a sense of social order, nationalism, and economic modernization. Rodney contests this and instead states that European imperialism led to social disarray, inadequate health, and economic downturn in Africa as everything done to “promote” African development only benefited the Europeans. Bringing a sense of social order is the defense that European imperialism uses to justify what is done in Africa. What really occurred was African social life was thrown in shambles. Rodney states “The power to act independently is the guarantee to participate actively and consciously in history. To be colonized is to be removed from history, except in the most passive sense.” (Rodney, 225). This statement is accurate as when imperialism occurred in the African nations the local natives had no power to decide what happened in their society. Political…

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