Essay on Analysis Of Walt Disney World Company

1035 Words Mar 5th, 2015 null Page
At Walt Disney world, one of the best company worldwide, more than five thousand employees, in our location, about eight hundred, but in the engineering department, the company has approximately forty employees. Most of the employees are of different ethnicity, different behaviors, different lifestyles, but those things don 't stop us to be happy and enjoy working for such company. Despite all the benefits this company bids to its employees, we can see employees ' behaviors have tremendous importance for the effectiveness of Walt Disney World. As (Stroh, Northcraft, and Neal 2001) indicated, many factors may influence employee behavior, be it wages or other awards. Analyzes how employees ' behaviors influence the effectiveness of the Walt Disney World company. In addition, it 's the discussion that follows addresses how employee behavior has assisted in, on the unitary hand, obtaining goals at the society, and on the other hand has hindered these goals, and an approaching how the company motivates its employees to fulfill the company ends.
Walt Disney world company, as a condition of employment, employees must congregate the standards of professional behavior. These measures assist the society make a respectful, happy and an enjoyable working environment for all employees and the guesses whom comes to deliver an adept time. When the employees find out the standards that administrate this organization, we all can ensure that behavior is acceptable and prepare to succeed in…

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