Analysis Of ' Waiting For Superman ' Essay

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Thompson 2

Destiny Thompson

Mrs. Combs

Composition I

10th N vember 2015

Education System

The education system is setting students up to fail and creating more dropouts. Agreeing and disagreeing sides both feel the need of change in the public education system. In ?Waiting for Superman? by Davis Guggenheim, ?Why Johnny Can?t Fail? by Jerry Jesness and ?Against Schools? by John Taylor Gatto, they all come to the agreement the education system is failing the students and creating more dropouts. Not everyone disputes the education system is failing the students, however, experts part way when they find the education system can be better for the students. At the same time, an observation in ?Waiting for Superman? took place. Furthermore in ?Waiting for Superman? observation about the education system makes it easier to understand in ?Why Johnny Can?t Fail? argument the students in the public education system need to be saved. Quite often many parents ask themselves ?Is my child getting a good education?? In many conversation, that?s yet to be answered. Sending your child to school trusting the teachers will teach them the best they can but all they get from it is ?I get paid whether you learn or not?. After that point most students give up and dropout. Personally several of my teachers has told me that and inside I want to give up. If the teacher won?t help you then what?s the point, they get paid regardless, right? Jerry Jesness basically says what?s out there if…

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