Analysis Of Vision 2030, Sustainable Development Goals And Millennium Development Goal

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As stated earlier in the beginning Magodo’s main goal is to provide a place for under-privileged children by providing for them not only in a physical capacity but also a mental one. Furthermore we saw how they have set up an educational center for the community to enrich the children within that area.
This analysis will cover various mechanisms that have been put in place, not only nationally but internationally. Moreover we will look at first, whether Magodo have adhered to the laws that have been put in place. To analyze on a global scale to see whether we are positively moving towards achieving certain goals as in the case of Vision 2030, Sustainable Development Goals and Millennium Development Goals.
Human rights are rights that are inherent to all human beings regardless of nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, color, religion or language. Therefore these rights should be accorded to every human being based on the ideal they are human. Education therefore is no exception being that it has been ratified by international bodies.
Magodo has provided education which is under Article 43 (f) in which it states that every child has the right to education. However under Article 53 (b) in which it talks of free compulsory education the organization has not followed through because students still pay for a basic fundamental right, keeping in mind that the community that surrounds Magodo, is not well to do and still demands payment (…

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