Essay Analysis Of Vincent Van Gogh 's ' The Night Cafe '

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In this essay I will discuss the ways that Vincent Van Gogh’s, The Night Cafe, 1888 was used as influence for Ernest Ludwig Kirchner’s, Street, Dresden, 1908. To prove my point I will provide visual analyzations of the pieces, some background to the artists and the art movements they were associated with, and events that happened around the time the paintings were created that affected many artists and the work they created. Vincent Van Gogh’s painting, Night Cafe, depicts a scene a cafe with four empty tables as well as three with people seated at them. There is a green pool table at the center of the room that casts a large orange shadow onto the yellow floor. There is a man with neon green hair in a yellow suit standing to the right of the pool table. There are three yellow lights hanging from the ceiling that cast an orange glow onto the deep red walls behind them. Van Gogh expresses gloom and anguish by his use of the contrasting reds and greens. He uses many types of reds, from light pink to a deep, blood red. These reds contrast with the multiple greens that vary from pale to dark greens. The intense contrasts of color suggest negative human passions and temperaments. The piece would have change drastically if the colors and the drawing outline had been done completely correct. The movement of the floor in comparison with the stillness of the figures seems to represent the passage of time that is happening regardless of the figure’s acceptance of it. The movement…

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