Analysis Of Ulrich Phillips 's ' The ' Rebellion Of 1676 ' Essay

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Ulrich Phillips writes in his study American Negro Slavery, “A great number of southerners at all times held the firm belief that the negro population was so docile, so little cohesive, and in the main so friendly towards the whites and so connected that a disastrous insurrection by them would be impossible. But on the whole, there was much greater anxiety abroad in the land than historians have told of...” Slave owners were nervus with the ever pending danger of a slave revolt. With the fear that white servants and black slaves would unite. An example of this is during the Bacon’s Rebellion of 1676. Nathaniel Bacon grew a following of poor whites, black slaves and white servants that wanted to protest about their own standings to the local mayor in JamesTown. Bacon’s following was united more by the class they all shared and their similarity in current situation, rather than the color of their skin. The racial laws of 1723 determined that white and blacks are different. The laws of 1723 striped the black slaves of what little rights they had. Creating a large power imbalance between the black slaves and whites. Subsequently the poor whites didn’t feel like they were at the same disadvantages as the blacks. Another factor was when whites were enslaved they only had to serve out their indentured servitude, while blacks were a slave for life. This was not always the case though, there was exemptions on both sides to be fair. The laws attacked the rights of all black men and…

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