Analysis Of Tupac Shakur, An American Rapper Essay

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Tupac Shakur, an American rapper, once said “I am the rose that grew from concrete” (Shakur, 7). When Tupac became successful, most people criticized him mainly because of his upbringing, but not his perseverance in making it out. Can you grow a plant in the concrete? If it looked a certain way, would it be criticized or accepted in a society that thrives on social forms of normality? In most cases, anything that looks abnormal are ostracized from society because they do not fit within the cultural or racial norms. This is the reality for most communities. People of color (POC) and groups from low-income communities are often labeled in a certain way because they have more than one social identity than the societal cultural norms. It is through challenging social norms and systematic oppressions that we can create justice and social change; education for young people is a perfect way to start. In order to understand social behaviors, it’s important to examine historical contexts in relations to personal experience to grasp the root cause of any social problems.
Professor Victor Rios, a sociologist at University of California, Santa Barbara, challenges the way society view students as “at risk” and should be perceiving them more as “as promise”. Labeling an individual as “at risk” further sustain the stereotypes that they are damaged and needs to be fixed when they just needed support and for someone to believe in their capability. The phrase “at promise” gives an individual…

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