Analysis Of Truth And Bright Water Culture

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Truth & Bright Water Culture Essay Webster 's dictionary defines culture as "the beliefs, customs and arts of a particular society, group, place, or time"(Culture Definition). Although to the majority of people they would describe culture as the norms of society or as something that everyone does. Quite often people are confused when a culture is different from theirs. In the novel Truth & Bright Water there is a confusion of cultures due to the fact that British colonial ways have been integrated into the community of Truth. The three ways that British colonial ways have caused a confusion of culture are the way the people in Truth think, the tools they use and how the people of Truth act. Each of these effects cause confusion in their culture.

To start off, the first way that the people of Truth are loosing their culture is how they think about different situations. There are different stages of British colonial-like thinking throughout Truth. The first stage is when the people of Truth are willing to mock their culture for money. Elvin mocks his culture when he finds out that white tourists like to buy handmade wooden carvings by aboriginals. Elvin mocking
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The second way that here could be culture confusion is by changing their physical appearance. In the novel Truth and Bright Water, Lucy tries to change her hair to look like her idol, Marilyn Monroe. In turn she is erasing of trying to get rid of her natural hair which was given to her from her ancestors and it apart of her culture. This is best shown when Tecumseh thinks " Lum says Lucy wants to be Marilyn Monroe because no one gives a damn about Indians but everybody likes blondes. Even Indians." (King,23). This quotation shows that the people of Truth realize that Lucy is changing her hair to look like Marilyn Monroe but also is wanting to be more accepted like the white

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