Essay on Analysis Of Truman Capote 's ' The Great Gatsby '

1917 Words Mar 8th, 2016 8 Pages
Truman Capote writes on how for many, their lives are not perfect, and that as we have the ability to dream, those dreams will not always come true. Whether it is because of the decisions that we make or the decisions made for us, dreams will not always be achieved. The characters in stories by Truman Capote dream. At times, the characters may believe their dreams can be attainable, but for many they are not. The subject of their dreams depend on who they are as human beings. For example, the characters in Capote’s short story, Children on Their Birthdays are, “ ... people habiting a world of love, live peaceably with their selves…” (1 Zacharias 347). On account of who the characters of the short story are, “These characters dream still … but their dreams are gentle, even happy …” (2 Zacharias 347). Many are good people who want what 's best for themselves and those around them and attempt to achieve their dreams in a positive way. Also, in Capote 's intense novel, In Cold Blood, Herb Clutter, the father and ranch owner, dreamed of and desperately wanted what was best for his children, wife, fellow Holcomb citizens, and employees. However, others are not the best people, and dream of things that can simply benefit themselves. Those same people attempt to achieve their dreams through ways that harm others. In the story, In Cold Blood, the murderers, Dick Hickock and Perry Smith, dream of living lavishly, but their dreams fail because the way they attempt to achieve their…

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