Analysis Of Truman Capote 's The Cold Blood Essay

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On the shores of a Mediterranean island, one man finds himself naked, afraid, and drained of his strength. This hero, Odysseus, makes his way to the palace of the royal family ruling the island of Scheria with the help of the lovely princess Nausicaa and his protector, Athena. After winning the favor of the king and queen as a mysterious guest and stranger, the king urges him to tell of his life and Odysseus gives in. As Odysseus tells of his travels in a flashback, he recounts his time at sea as if a bard were telling the story. This manipulation of time, similar to the approach used in Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood, helps the author or raconteur to devise a more complex and intriguing tale. Capote expidites time, as well as impedes or reverses time to strengthen ties between the real investigation and to entrap the reader into an engaging narrative.
Capote rapidly discontinues timelines and accelerates time in the novel to preserve interest and uncertainty for the reader. Capote uses a staccato-like writing style, alternating abruptly between timelines, to acquire a suspenseful and engaging story progression. Presenting both of the chronological and parallel timelines, Capote interrupts himself to tell the routines of both the criminals and the Clutters simultaneously. At the Clutter house, Nancy has “got to go” but instead of pursuing Nancy’s activities, Capote quickly shifts to the criminals and that “Dick was driving a black 1949 Chevrolet sedan” (22). Capote switches…

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