Analysis Of Thomas Raid Of The Brave Officer Essay

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According to Locke, a person is a thinking intelligent being that is able to reason and reflect and consider himself/herself. He also suggests that personal identity simply is “the sameness of a rational being” and because of that, so long as one is the same self, the same rational being, that one will has the same personal identity. The view can be understand as follow: if a person (a) existing at a specific time (t) and another person (b) existing at some later time (t+), they are the same person if and only if they share the same consciousness. What mean by that is even though y is existing at later time, y still able to remember ( or according to Locke, “repeat the idea of”) elements from the consciousness of x.
In Thomas Raid example of the brave officer, when the officer was little boy, the officer was flogged for robbing an orchard, later on he took a standard from the enemy and was made into a general in advanced life. According to Thomas, if we applied Locke’s theory, even though the officer remembered his taking standard and made to be general but he didn’t remember him being flogged when he was little, then the person that is now general is definitely not the same person as the person who was flogged at school (This is in fact wrong because it is the SAME person after all). Raid made a valid point about how memory play a vital core in defining the person and it is not always necessary to have the same consciousness to remain the same person.
In his critique of…

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