Hobbes Right To Privacy Essay

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In this modern era of technology there are many opportunities for prosperity and advancement; however, there are also an equal amounts of opportunity for terrorism as well. In order to prevent this terrorism, the government is taking certain measures in regards to safety; these measures, however, often violate what many deem as their right to privacy. By applying Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan to this problem of privacy, the reader sees that not only would Hobbes agree with the steps the government is taking to ensure safety, but he would encourage they possess more power in order to fully ensure the safety of the American people. Thomas Hobbes, an English philosopher who dealt primarily with political philosophy, published the Leviathan in 1651; …show more content…
However, this is done by the government in order to ensure the safety of the nation. It is not explicitly stated in the U.S. Constitution that its citizens have the natural right to privacy; it is only implied. “According to Hobbes ' account, the right of nature is defined in chapter 14 as the right of self-preservation (14:189). ' This "right" is contrasted immediately with the "law" of nature, whereby individuals are forbidden to do anything destructive of their lives or to omit the means of self-preservation” (jstor). By applying this idea of Hobbes’, one may see that by protesting the government’s surveillance of an individual’s internet history, he or she is causing destruction to the lives of those around them. In this age of increasing technological advancement, as well as cyber terrorism, the monitoring of all electronic devices has become necessary. Although not every American poses a threat to society as a whole, it is necessary to monitor all devices in order to detect these threats and eliminate them. Based on his Social Contract Theory, Hobbes would deem the amount of authority currently possessed by the Federal Government as sufficient, if not lacking. Because the government in the Leviathan is sovereign, it is all powerful and able to do what it deems necessary without the consent of the people, in order to protect them.
By further reviewing Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan, the reader is able to draw a connection from the work to the problem of government surveillance. Not only would Hobbes agree with the measures the government is taking in order to ensure the safety of the American people, but he would also encourage citizens to further give up their rights for the sake of the whole and give in to the sovereign power of the

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