Analysis Of ' Their Eyes Were Watching God ' Essay

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The very beginning of “Their Eyes were watching God” is a powerful statement which signifies the control that women have over their dreams and fantasies. More importantly, it empowers women by stating that they have the capability to act accordingly and make those dreams come true, whereas men have their fantasies “mocked to death by Time”. The importance of this quote relies on its foreshadowing of Janie’s constant passionate struggle to have her most desired fantasy fulfilled – a fantasy of having a romantic partner which allows for a give and take relationship. Indeed, as the quote suggests, Janie acts accordingly to make those dreams come true. As we will see, she struggles to love three different characters in the novel: Logan, Jody, and Tea Cake, ultimately fulfilling her dream once she realizes Tea Cake’s nobility. In contrast, Emma’s fantasy of love in Madame Bovary never ends up being fulfilled. She chases after her dream of being in a romanticized relationship. Emma seeks a perfect union resembling what she has read in her novels, also influenced from the mystic nature of religion that she was taught in the convent. Sadly, it is Emma’s dreams that sail forever on the horizon; her inability to fulfill them ultimately leads to her demise. Although both protagonists seek a sense of enlightenment and of living harmoniously as viewed by their religiously influenced fantasies, only Janie manages to fulfill her dream. Emma was too blind to see that nothing in this world…

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